Shake Table Test Services

The most realistic way to evaluate if a nonstructural component can withstand an earthquake and remain functional is to put it through one. Building codes require that critical active and energized nonstructural components be seismically certified through shake table testing to validate functional performance. Seismic Test Co is a turnkey, industry leading testing organization providing shake table testing, documentation and certification of critical equipment.

IBC Certification (ICC-ES AC156)

Whether product line or project specific certification, Seismic Test Co provides turnkey special seismic certification. Services include program development, pretest analysis, shake table testing and IBC compliant certification reports.

OSHPD OSP Pre-Approvals

As a lab facility managed by California licensed structural engineers, Seismic Test Co is comprised of experts in the OSHPD OSP process streamlining your certification approval and navigating the comprehensive OSHPD requirements.

IEEE 693 Testing

Seismic Test Co provides qualification in accordance with IEEE 693 to service the Transmission & Distribution industry. Our qualified specialists can provide qualification through testing and analysis, as well as provide dual IBC/IEEE 693 qualifications.

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Shake Table Info

Seismic Test Co operates a triaxial table with a 10′ x 10′ working surface that can be extended to test components up to 15′ in plan dimension. The system can test components up to 10,000 lbs at a peak horizontal acceleration of 4 times the acceleration of gravity, and can test lighter components at even higher accelerations. Testing can be conducted on base mounted components, wall mounted components and suspended systems. Seismic testing is regularly conducted for IBC compliance, OSHPD OSP Preapprovals, Site Specific Certification, ICC-ES AC156 and IEEE693.

Base Mounted Testing

Rigid and isolated systems up to 15’ in dimension

Wall Mounted Testing

Wall mounted fixtures to test components rigidly connected or on flexible supports

Suspended Testing

Ceiling suspended systems rigidly connected or isolated

About Seismic Test Co

Seismic Test Co is a single source shake table testing organization owned and operated by California licensed structural engineers who are experts in special seismic certification. Our team specializes in turnkey seismic testing of nonstructural components and providing necessary documentation needed to meet regulatory requirements for seismic performance. We actively manage an ISO 17025 accredited triaxial shake table lab (owned by Twin City Fan) located in Minneapolis, MN capable of testing components up to 10,000 lbs with the ability to test components up to 150,000 at partner labs. Seismic Test Co is affiliated with TRU Compliance, LLC, the industry leader in product certification for seismic, wind and blast loading.

The Seismic Test Co Team

Seismic Test Co is managed by industry leaders in the design and performance of nonstructural components. Our team has managed hundreds of certification programs that included testing of well over 500 individual components leading to the certification of over 100,000 individual components and subcomponents. Further, our team has extensively participated in the development and maintenance of seismic testing codes and standards.

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